2020 – 2021 Instrument Checkout Process

10th-12th Grade Students Who Currently Have an Instrument Checked-out:

  • You will keep the instrument you have.
  • If your instrument needs repair: 
    • You must take the instrument to Bertrand’s Music.
    • Contact Mr. Crooks via email dcrooks@powayusd.com and describe the problem as explicitly as you can (for ex: “I can’t play below the low F on this bassoon”). He will email you a repair form for you to complete and take to Bertrand’s with the instrument.
    • He will notify Bertrand’s to expect your arrival (which will to ensure that they bill PUSD/PHSMB and not you).
    • Bertrand’s Music is only able to accommodate this process at their Rancho Penasquitos location:

          Contact information is: Bertrand’s Music 9906 Carmel Mountain Rd. Rancho
          Penasquitos, CA 92129 and phone (858)780-1812.

New Students or Students Who Need an Instrument:   (including all percussion)

  • Fill out the attached PUSD equipment check-out form to the best of your ability and email back to Mr. Crooks: dcrooks@powayusd.com.
    • Be sure to mark if you need a mouthpiece, bocal, etc. with the instrument.

** NOTE: there is a possibility that the instrument may need minor repairs or adjustments **

  • Typically, we are able to have upperclassmen test instruments in the spring, and send out instruments in need of repair over the summer; however, in 2020 this was impossible.
  • Due to current conditions, some instruments have sat unused in the PHS band room for all of 2020, and potentially longer.
  • It’s possible, for example, some brass instruments may have ‘frozen’ slides and will need minor repairs.
  • If you find a problem with your instrument, contact Mr. Crooks via email dcrooks@powayusd.com and he will send you a repair form with instructions on how to proceed.



Whether we are learning virtually or physically present in the classroom, current guidelines and research indicate we are unable to share instruments this year due to COVID-19. 

Some instruments are more limited than others and we may not have the instrument you want available to check out.  In that event, Mr. Cook, Mr. Sybilski, and/or Mr. Crooks will notify you about your options.

Historically speaking we have been able to accommodate a student’s 1st choice when borrowing an instrument from the school.

Due to these unusual circumstances we will be able to provide an instrument for students, but it won’t necessarily be the 1st choice. 

If you have any questions about checking out an instrument, please email Doug Crooks at dcrooks@powayusd.com

We look forward to getting an instrument in your hands so we can start the year making music virtually!