Bertrand’s Music Fundraiser

Event Details

This fundraiser is fun for the whole family – ALL band and orchestra families are invited to participate! Bertrand’s Music will pay PHSMB $6 for every instrument that we clean and check for adjustments. This could be worth thousands of dollars!!! The event will be held at the Bertrand’s Music Repair Center at 1566 Cherokee Road, San Marcos (NOT at the Poway location).

Last year student and parent volunteers made over $4,000 cleaning and testing hundreds and hundreds of instruments! We can do it again this year!

We need 5 students and 2 adults for three two-hour shifts each day on July 6 and July 8 through 12. Bertrand’s will train us to become experts in cleaning and evaluating woodwind instruments, AND testing violins. ANYONE can sign up, including brass, string, percussion, and non-musicians! Orchestra students – violin cleaning and testing are on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, July 11 and 12, but you can sign up for any day. (NOTE: Wednesday was the original date for strings.)

Contact Pam Yates if you have any questions.

Please use the links below to sign up for a shift:

NOTE TO WOODWIND MUSICIANS: Please bring your mouthpiece and reeds of preference for testing.

NOTE TO STRING MUSICIANS: We will be testing violins on Thursday and Friday, July 11 and 12 (NOTE: Wednesday was the original date for strings.)!!