First Football Game

Event Details

We have a big week ahead of us, with the Emerald Brigade’s first football game performance coming up!  Students have been working hard so far learning drill to the West Side Story opener, and we’re excited to see the EB in their marching band uniforms for the first time since Nov. 2019, performing for the PHS crowd.  In what may be a change from 2019, ALL EB students will stay for the full football game: we no longer have a 5.5 period Pep Band.  We’ve been working on music to play in the stands in band classes, and we’re excited to be at full-strength for the entire football game.
Football Game Facts:

  • When: call time for students will be 6pm, with our goal to ‘troop the stands’ around the track around 6:35ish and be in our seats by the 7pm kickoff.  We obviously don’t know when the game will conclude
  • Where: students will meet NO EARLIER THAN 6PM at N1 to get their uniforms, get dressed, and then a brief warm-up before we make our way down to the PHS stadium as a full group.  Our uniform logistics may be a little different in 2021 than 2019, but we will explain everything to students in class leading up to the football game
  • What To Wear: students must wear black shorts and a plain black t-shirt underneath their uniform, with plain black socks: no tank-tops!  Shorts and shirts should NOT be ‘baggy,’ as they will project an unwanted, “blobby” look when the uniform is worn on the field.  Any student who has not already been fitted for a uniform need to contact the PHS Music Boosters to arrange fitting.
  • What Not To Do: No cell phones with your uniform: leave it locked in the band room during the game.  No eating/drinking in uniform with the exception of water (which will be provided by PHS Music Boosters).

Directors will discuss in class appropriate behavior and expectations in class leading up to the football game.

**NEW THIS YEAR*** There will not be a hair styling station.  Please put your hair up at home or a friend can help you on campus.  See examples below.