Home Football Game & MS Band Night

Event Details

Enjoy the Emerald Brigade’s half-time show “Turn” AND cheer on the Titans playing Mt. Carmel HS at the last regular season home game! Band students from Twin Peaks and Meadowbrook Middle Schools will be marching in with the Emerald Brigade, and joining them in the stands. Please pass on the Emerald Brigade Middle School Band Nights flyer to your Meadowbrook and Twin Peaks friends.

MARCHERS – remember to bring your black marching shoes and to wear a black T-shirt (NO TANK TOPS), black shorts, and black crew-length (NO ANKLES SHOWING) socks, and please – NO MAKE-UP, NAIL POLISH, OR EARRINGS. Make sure that you eat BEFORE you come to the game. If you have a black EB sweatshirt or jacket (green POWAY on the back), please bring it to lend to the middle schoolers for the evening and make them feel welcome.

PARENTS – PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING REMINDER FROM OUR CHAPERONES AND UNIFORM TEAM: Marching Band and Color Guard parents – this is a friendly reminder that during home football games, only assigned chaperones may sit with the band and color guard students in the area marked by the yellow cord. It is the chaperones’ job to make sure that the students are safe from unwanted visitors, that the uniforms stay clean from food, make-up, and other items, and that the kids stay hydrated with water. Please feed your child before the game. They are not allowed to eat in uniform. If you are at the game, please sit on the other side of the yellow cord. Our chaperones and uniform trailer volunteers would like to keep the uniforms looking sharp for future Emerald Brigade marchers. Thank you for your cooperation.