Rancho Bernardo Tournament

Event Details

Our next performance is October 9th at Rancho Bernardo HS Field Tournament!  We’re looking forward to bringing our completed ‘West Side Story’ production to the field for the first time, and we hope to see all of you in the stands cheering our students!!
Parents are responsible for transporting their student(s) & their instrument(s) to and from Rancho Bernardo High School.  Students will need to arrive dressed in clothes they wear underneath their uniform, black socks, and their marching shoes.  The parking lot will be full, and possibly closed; we recommend parents drop their students off either somewhere on the sidewalk outside of campus on Paseo Lucido, or on the sidewalk on a side street (such as Avenida Venusto).  Space is limited near the PHS semi & box truck will be limited, so it may be a good idea for smaller instruments such as flute, clarinet, etc. to leave their cases in the car. 
Schedule for evening:
    • All winds, color guard, and battery percussionists will take their instruments home Friday and bring them to RBHS for the tournament
    • 5:30 – Call time for color guard, with their warm-up beginning at 6:00
    • 6:00 – Call time for percussion
    • 6:15 – Call time for winds 
    • 6:30 – Official warm-up time
    • 7:45 – Performance time 
    • 8:00 – Load uniforms and front ensemble percussion gear.
Students are dismissed after their uniform is returned to the truck.  They can go back to watch other performances, but they will likely not be allowed back into the stadium with their instrument.  There are no competitive awards for this show: it is an exhibition only for ALL bands.