Poway Invitational Field Tournament (PIFT) 2020

PIFT 2020 Announcement Form

Announcement Form Deadline: Friday, September 25, 2020

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter data into the fields, then click the "SUBMIT" button on the bottom of the page. Fields that require data are indicated with an asterisk(*). If the information for a required field is not available, please enter "Not Available" or "NA" in the field.

After you have sucessfully submitted the entry form, a confirmation will be emailed to the address that you have entered in the Director's Email field below. If you do not receive a confirmation email, or are having difficulty with the entry form, please send email to pift@phsmb.com.

School Name:
* Name of school, required.
Director's Email:
* Director's email address, required.
To be read at the head judge’s cue (approximately 50 seconds after the one minute warning). Please include phonetic spellings as needed.
Timing and adjudication begin at the end of this announcement. (NOTE: As of 2015, the "Judges are ready." announcement no longer starts your show).
PLEASE NOTE: While the drum major(s) may salute before or after the announcement, salutes before the announcement are not judged and are recommended; those performed after the announcement are considered part of the field show performance and are adjudicated.
"Under the direction of"
* Name(s) of director(s) or drum major(s), required.
"from the city of"
* Name of city, required.
"performing their show entitled"
* Name of field show, required.
"the Poway Invitational Field Tournament is proud to present"
* Name of high school or band nickname, required.
Post-show announcements are optional.
Name of high school and/or band nickname.
"band is under the direction of"
Name(s) of director(s).
"and drum major(s)"
Name(s) of drum major(s).
"The musical selections included"
Musical selection 1.
Musical selection 2.
Musical selection 3.
Optional announcements:
Please limit the remaining announcements to twenty (20) seconds. Include phonetic spellings as needed.
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