Poway Invitational Field Tournament (PIFT) 2020

PIFT 2020 Entry/Classification Form

Entry Deadline: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Please read the SCSBOA Field Tournament Entry guidelines below prior to completing the form:

  • Band Directors may choose to compete in a larger band classification if they wish. Once this decision is made the group will remain in that division for the entire season.
  • A band may not move down a division.
  • Bands must remain in the designated division determined by the formula above for the entire marching season. The placement within a division will be determined by the group¡¦s enrollment at their first SCSBOA adjudicated event.
  • If the number of performing members exceeds the classification numbers declared for that band, all units in the band will be assessed a five (5.0) point penalty.
  • In situations where inclement weather or poor field conditions prohibits field performance, competitions may take place out of doors or inside gymnasiums at the discretion of the tournament host and head judge. The entire judging panel will be used to adjudicate the music, general effect, and auxiliary captions. Scores from these events will not count as qualifying scores for the SCSBOA Field Championships.
  • Host bands may perform in their own tournament to secure a qualifying score for the SCSBOA Field Championships and are to be scheduled within their appropriate class. Scores earned will appear on the official recaps. Trophies need not be awarded.
  • Bands must compete at three SCSBOA field events to qualify for championships.

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter data into the fields, then click the "SUBMIT" button on the bottom of the page. Fields that require data are indicated with an asterisk(*). If the information for a required field is not available, please enter "Not Available" or "NA" in the field.

After you have sucessfully submitted the entry form, a confirmation will be emailed to the address that you have entered in the Director's Email field below. If you do not receive a confirmation email, or are having difficulty with the entry form, please send email to pift@phsmb.com.

School Name: * Name of school, required.
Principal's Name: * Name of school Principal, required.
Street Address: * Street address of school, required.
City State & Zipcode: * City, state, and zipcode of school, required.
School Phone: * Main phone number of school, required.
Director's Name: * Name of band director, required.
Director's Office Phone: * Director's office phone number, required.
Director's Cell Phone: * Director's cell phone number, required.
Director's Email: * Director's email address, required.
Assistant Director's Name: Name of assistant band director, optional.
Assistant Director's Office Phone: Assistant director's office phone number, optional.
Assistant Director's Email: Assistant director's email address, optional.
Band/Group Name: * e.g., Poway High School Emerald Brigade, required.
Classification: * SCSBOA classification, required.
  Use total of woodwinds, brass, and percussion.
SCSBOA Membership Number: * SCSBOA Membership Number, required.
Musical Repertoire: * Field show name, e.g., Simple Gifts, required.
Band (Woodwind/Brass) Size: * Total number of woodwind and brass, required.
Percussion Size: * Total number of percussion, required.
Auxilliary Size: * Total number of auxiliary, required.
Other Size: Total number of others, optional.
Total Number of Musicians: Total number of musicians, optional.
Total Number of Performers: Total number of performers, optional.
Please enter all applicable names and separate each name with commas.
Marching Advisor(s): Names of marching advisor(s), optional.
Percussion Advisor(s): Names of percussion advisor(s), optional.
Auxiliary Advisor(s): Names of auxiliary advisor(s), optional.
Other Advisor(s): Names of other advisor(s), optional.
Drum Major(s): * Name(s) of drum major(s), required.
Percussion Captain(s): Name(s) of percussion captain(s), optional.
Auxiliary Captain(s): Name(s) of auxiliary captain(s), optional.
Booster/Foundation Contact Name: * Name of Booster contact, required.
Booster/Foundation Contact Phone: * Phone number of Booster contact, required.
Booster/Foundation Contact Email: * Email address of Booster contact, required.
Lead Chaperone Name: Name of lead chaperone, optional.
Lead Chaperone Phone: Phone number of lead chaperone, optional.
Lead Chaperone Email: Email address of lead chaperone, optional.
Number of Buses: Total number of buses, enter 0 if none.
Number of Semi-Tractor Trailers: Total number of semi-tractor trailers, enter 0 if none.
Semi Load/Unload Preference: Side of trailer used for loading and unloading.
Number of Pick-Up Trailers: Total number of pick-up trailers, enter 0 if none.
Pick-Up Load/Unload Preference: Side of trailer used for loading and unloading.
# of Vans / Large Trucks / RV's: Count of all other vans, trucks, RV's, box trucks, and pick-ups.
# of Helpers Needed to Tow Pit: Only if you need extra help with pit towing.
Description of Props to be Staged: Only if props are large enough to need pre-staging.