Parent Field Show & Senior Appreciation Night

Event Details

Attention all Emerald Brigade families! Thursday, November 7 is the last Thursday night rehearsal! Traditionally, we celebrate the Emerald Brigade’s hard work and recognize our Seniors with some fun events at near the end of rehearsal:

  • “Turn” performance for Seniors – All Seniors leave the field and the rest of the band perform this year’s field show for them
  • Parent Field Show – Band and Color Guard parents (of all grades, not just Seniors) perform a “tribute” field show
  • Senior Posters & Recognition – Seniors are announced individually and greeted by their families with posters and hugs

Parent Field Show Information:

All Emerald Brigade Band and Color Guard parents – our kids have worked hard all season on their “Turn” field show, and have performed many times for us. Now it is time for US to perform for THEM! We would like to celebrate by a long standing tradition of a spoof by parents of the Emerald Brigade Field Show. All parents are strongly encouraged to participate. Your participation is critical to the entertainment value of this show. The less talent the better. So all are welcome! Check back – more information, including rehearsal times, will be announced soon.

Here are videos of previous Parent Field Shows:

Please contact Pam Yates if you have any questions about the Parent Show.

Senior Posters & Recognition Information:

On Thursday, November 7, all Marching Band and Color Guard Seniors will be recognized at the end of the final Thursday evening rehearsal. All the seniors will line up on the far side of the field, then will be called individually by name. Each senior will walk through a “saber arch” formed by non-senior parents and then be greeted by his/her family (all sibling, too!) on the other end.

It is traditional for the family to be holding a large poster for their senior when they greet them. So you should get out some markers and glitter glue and start working on your senior’s poster and bring it with you (and your whole family) to rehearsal on November 7! Spelling out their name in big letters works best – you don’t need a lot of pictures or details. If you need some guidance, check out these pictures from previous years:

Please contact Paula Pullenza if you have any questions about the Senior Posters.