Our Sponsors

Poway High School Music Boosters thanks Dr. Rafik Riad of Oak Tree Dental in Poway for their very generous sponsorship of our October 30th Drive-In Concert! Thanks to their Stage-Level Sponsorship, the Music Boosters will be able to provide the necessary safety gear for COVID-19, including acrylic dividers to be used on stage to protect our musicians, PPE for our volunteers, and the FM transmitter that will allow concert-goers to listen to the performers from the safety of their cars. We are very grateful to Oak Tree Dental for supporting the music program at Poway High School! They are located at 13368 Poway Road, and may be reached at or 858-748-2101.

Pictured is Ryan Whitson (second from left), member of the Emerald Brigade and Wind Ensemble 1 (and patient of Dr. Riad’s) accepting Oak Tree Dental’s sponsorship donation from Dr. Rafik Riad (third from left) and his staff. 

We would also like to thank Trish Feaster of The Travelphile for their generous sponsorship! Their sponsorship helps us make this concert possible. Visit their website at!