Uniform Fitting Day

Event Details


August 14, 2021, Poway High School, N1

What to Wear – black t-shirt & black shorts
What to Bring – black marching shoes
What You May Purchase – black marching shoes, marching gloves, dot books

Sign up Here for a Fitting Appointment – http://www.slyreply.com/app/sheets/qz5hsgahr13p

Volunteer Here for the Uniform Fitting Event – http://www.slyreply.com/app/sheets/pbnmhjpekyyw/

Save Time – Register Electronically – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1L0wyRuRPER_ETd8paTwLtSOeLyey9_U_EqTY0UwtpyY

Why do we sign up by class?  Seniors and Juniors outgrow uniforms that are then available for the Sophomores and Freshman.  We fit them first to free up the smaller sizes for the younger students.

What is a dot book?  If you are looking at a marching band from above, each marcher has a position or a “dot”.  Each person on the field has their own special movements that they write down in a “dot book”.

What if I don’t have marching shoes yet?  No shoes. No problem.  We have pairs for you to try on and borrow for fitting.  You will order and purchase your pair at Uniform Fitting.

What if my shoes don’t fit anymore?  Please bring your shoes to fitting or bring them to band camp.  We will have boxes near N1 during band camp to collect used marching shoes.  Gently worn shoes will be offered first come first serve during Uniform Fitting.

Should an adult come with me?  Yes, Uniform Fitting day involves making purchases.  Adults will want to participate in those decisions and make payment.  Also, we collect volunteer forms required by PUSD and volunteers choose their subteam.

Did you know it takes 30 adults to help the students safely perform at each football game/tournament?  Who washes these uniforms anyway?  Exactly – please bring your adult.